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Jason Macedo: "The Sound Guitar Magazine was created for all fanatical guitarist alike!

Offering Great Reviews, Transrciptions, Lessons, Interviews, Fantastic advertisement

rates and product promotions which represent your brand to it's fullest potential.

Customer & Subscriber satisfaction is paramount to The Sound Guitar Magazine "

Jason Macedo


The Sound Guitar Magazine is not just your typical guitar magazine.It's a magazine

written for guitar players bt two guitar players in distinctive genres.

Jason and Myself care about the content more than anything else!

Johnny Hiland

Magazine is 100% Free

Transcriptions , Interviews, Gear Reviews, Lessons from The Best Guitar player out there.


A player's player from an early age, Jason Macedo grew up in the Bay area influenced heavily by the musicians around him; musicians like Alex Skolnik, Jason Becker, Forbidden and Shawn Lane.  After labouring to perfect his craft, and honing his chops with various groups, Jason met and formed a fast friendship with a legally blind but gifted musician Johnny Hiland. 

Their time together resulted in the germination of an idea, an idea that grew, and grew, fed by Jason's desire to have a magazine not concerned solely with mainstream popular culture, but created for all fanatical guitarists- those who continue to explore and develop their knowledge of the instrument.

It should not be your typical guitar magazine.It's a magazine "written for guitar players by guitar player, in distinctive genres."  A magazine that is written by guitarists, for guitarists; where customer and subscriber satisfaction is paramount.

And, it shall be free! Hiland's mantra is quality above all- more than advertising dollars, more than what's hot this second; more of what a guitar player wonders and questions, and seeks to uncover.

The Sound should contain a plethora of tips and learning strategies; a guitarists' toolbox, with transcriptions, interviews, honest gear reviews, and lessons from the best guitar players out there, and opportunities for up and coming artists to showcase themselves to a cohesive market.

The Sound- For players, with players, by players.

Johnny and Jason
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