Joe Bonamassa Interview

Interview from Volume 7

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Joe Satriani Interview

Joe Satriani interview from Volume 3.

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Seymour Duncan Interview

Seymour Duncan interview about his 35 years making pickups.

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Prairie Sun Recording Interview

Interview at Prairie Sun Recording. With Mark "Mooka" Rennick and Jason Macedo and Johnny Hiland

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Shawn Lane Tribute

Shawn Lane was a phenomenally talented guitar player who never quite broke out beyond guitar enthusiasts and critics, but will remain influential to players for many years to come. Originally hailed as a child prodigy, Lane joined Black Oak Arkansas as a teenager, and could have been part of the guitar shredder movement of the late '80s and '90s, but his restless musical inclinations led him down a different path.

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Russ Hewitt Interview

Russ Hewitt interview from The Sound Guitar Magazine Volume one. Russ get into what is new with his music.

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Ron Thal Speaks Out

Ron Thal speaks out in an in-depth interview with The Sound, talking about all things guitar and how he developed his unique style.

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