In a world of creative originality, Ron Thal is enough to perplex even the most forward-thinkers, albeit with a flair and panache that is unmatched.  Also known as Bumblefoot, Thal has been stumping guitarists with his strikingly original phrasings and techniques for the better part of two decades.
After turning the guitar universe on its ear with his swiss cheese and hand-shaped guitars, as well as his unique thimble techniques and fretless guitar playing, Ron has been playing lead guitar in the legendary hard rock band Guns N' Roses since 2006, contributing jaw-dropping work on the band's genre-bending and elusive Chinese Democracy album.
Ron has numerous bombastic solo recordings as both Ron Thal and as Bumblefoot, with a recent re-release of his first album "The Adventures of Bumblefoot", as well as a "can't-miss" tab book transcribed by Ron himself!