DSL Effects Versa Vibe Review

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When I received the Versa Vibe by DLS Effects, I thought, "oh here we go, another one of many Univibe™ pedals". I unpacked the unit and was presently surprised that the Versa Vibe had controls I’ve never seen on any Univibe™ pedal. Hum, ok they had my interest. There were new controls like Waveform, Wet/Dry and Bass Throb pots, in addition to the normal Rate, Depth and Volume pots. Two toggle switches easily set the effect for Modern or Vintage sound, with Chorus or Vibrato.

The instructions came with some easy settings to get started with. I set mine up to Modern & Chorus with the Waveform pot at minimum and the Wet/Dry at 3 o’clock. Then I plugged this pedal in. Wow!